About The Lemonadist

The natural world is changing in fast and sometimes scary ways. Whether or not you can do anything about it is something we’ve been arguing about for years. I believe that you and I can help steward environmental change, both by working on the land and water and by working with communities and governments at every level. The Lemonadist aims to be a weekly source of stories that go a little deeper into the ecological weeds. Please follow along!

About Erik Ness

I experienced an environmental awakening during college in the early 1980s, but the curriculum wasn’t ready yet. I crafted my own degree, which included half a degree each in history, political science, and biology, with a certificate in environmental studies. Since then I’ve been writing about science and the environment, with detours into cancer and dietary sensitivity. A long detour into solo parenting took me off the beat full-time until recently. I’m returning to journalism at a time when it’s increasingly important, yet nobody really even knows exactly where it’s going. If you’re obsessively curious, my somewhat-neglected and definitely dated professional site is here. The Lemonadist is my idea of how to create a future, both for me as a journalist and for the planet. Feedback is appreciated!

A ruggedly handsome man in his 40s contemplates swimming, again, in the Canadian wilderness.
The best of times, in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. (I still look a lot like this, though the beard is longer and whiter. Snapped by Woody Osborne.)